Here are some of our favorite walking routes from our library walks!  We hope you enjoy them as much as we have!  Half of the walks start from the Old Worthington Library.  Credit goes to Katy Hite, Librarian Extraordinaire, for putting them together!

We also highly recommend that you check out the neighborhoods of Colonial Hills, Worthington Hills, Worthington Estates, and Riverlea!

Route #1: Tucker Road

If you have not been down Tucker Road, you are missing out!  This is truly a hidden Worthington gem - I first heard about it when friends told me they felt that they were transported to Ireland when walking down it!  It includes a house that looks like a castle with a moat!  It also dead-ends onto the bike trail, so that's another option if you want to keep walking.  Truly one of our favorites!!

Route #2: Historical Worthington

This route is used for our walks in collaboration with the Historical Society.  It includes the Orange Johnson House, the Old Rectory, the Ripley House, the Masonic Lodge, and St. John's Cemetery! 

Route #3: Rush Creek

Worthington, a city of so many cultural treasures, counts among them this wonderful neighborhood of Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired homes.  You will definitely want to take a walk down South St to check out these architectural wonders!

Route #4: East Granville Park

Worthington has a delightful park right off 161!  The park includes a nature trail with information regarding the local plants and history.  It has several  benches to sit and enjoy nature - you won't even realize you're still in the middle of the city!

Route #5: Pingree Park

Take a stroll around a Wilson Hill neighborhood!  Along Pingree you'll see examples of the post WW-II built single level homes, many of which are still owned by the original owners!  You'll also want to stop for a cone at the Dairy Queen on the corner of North and High, which is a historical landmark!

Route #6: Granby

Looking for a hill work-out, as well as to explore a cute little side street in Worthington?  Look no further!  With this route you walk down toward Colonial Hills and then back up via Granby and Morning.  On maps it will look like Granby doesn't connect to Morning (essentially where the one mile marker is on the below map) but no fears, there's a little cut-through!